Geraldine Saddal over het runnen van Atelier Saddal samen met haar man: ‘Dankbaar’

Geraldine Saddal on running Atelier Saddal with her husband: 'Grateful'

Geraldine Saddal is the creative brain of Atelier Saddal , which has been around for almost 30 years. The focus of the jewelry house is on custom made jewelry. “It's so satisfying to design something personal for someone. This way you really get a connection with your customer.”


“I started at the IVKO, an art vocational school. Then I went to the Professional School of Goldsmithing in Amsterdam. There I learned the basics of the trade. I was always interested in beautiful objects and how they are designed and made. I like to look at great designers like Fawaz Gruosi from the De Grisogono brand and Marina Mulgari .”

Personal connection

“After my studies I worked at a jeweler. I noticed there that working with an existing collection and selling it was not satisfying for me. They are jewelry that is made standard and in high quantities. It is much more fun to make something special and personal for someone, this way you also create a connection with your customer. Soon after, I started working as a goldsmith for my husband Arnold . He started Atelier Saddal in 1994. We started working together and within the studio I learned the tricks of the trade. I also followed courses in England, such as 3D design. At the time, it was one of the first courses in that area and I still work with it. With this technique there are actually no limits to your creativity.”

Career path

“I am happy that my husband and I have taken the step to have our own studio, that is the best decision I have made in my career. I can express my creativity in designing. I am grateful that we can make jewelry for customers from all over the world.”


“First of all, I learned a lot from my father. He is also very creative and from him I learned to look at art, including Picasso and designers such as Philippe Starck . I also learned a lot from my husband, a very good goldsmith and also a good businessman. Nice to be able to do this together.”

You can read the entire interview with Geraldine Saddal in Elegance.

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