what is the cost of an engagement ring

What are the costs of an engagement ring?

In love, engaged, married: the road to 'They lived happily ever after' seems so simple. Yet, during the engagement, not only romantic matters also arise, but also practical matters, such as buying an engagement ring. Because how much should an engagement ring cost? Is having a custom made engagement ring expensive? Is an engagement ring a good investment? What material is an engagement ring made of? Do precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum retain their value after purchase? In short, how do you determine how much money to spend on an engagement ring?

The average price of an engagement ring

First of all, rest assured, there are no universal rules for what an engagement ring should cost. Some people simply have more to spend than others. Moreover, it varies by country and tradition. In the US people spend an average of 5,000 euros on an engagement ring, in England an average of 1,750 euros. In the Netherlands the average is around 2500 euros. It used to be said that an engagement ring costs twice a month's salary, but that calculation is now outdated. There is no fixed amount, but at Atelier Saddal we can help you determine an amount that suits your situation. Our experience shows that having a custom made engagement ring starts at 3,500 euros. How expensive a custom made engagement ring is depends on several factors. Starting with the material: an engagement ring is usually made of gold, silver or platinum. It is good to know that gold in particular is historically a good investment: the price of a kilo of gold has risen no less than 560 percent over the past twenty years! Gold has traditionally been known as a stable precious metal that retains its value. Especially with inflation, where the value is highest when the euro or dollar is under pressure, gold retains its value. This also applies to silver and platinum, but even more so with gold.

An engagement ring is a good investment!

In addition to financial value, an engagement ring of course has great emotional value. For the bride-to-be (and groom!), the romantic meaning is often more important than the costs. So you have control over how expensive an engagement ring is. The fact is that most couples get married at an increasingly later age: in 1975 this was around the age of 25, nowadays only around the age of 33. This usually offers more financial scope for a slightly more expensive engagement ring, but there is no price for true love. From a romantic point of view, having an engagement ring made is always worth the investment!

How much does it cost to have a custom made engagement ring made?

Anyone who has a custom-made gold engagement ring made at Atelier Saddal will receive a ring in 18 carat gold including a diamond of approximately 0.50 crt of good quality. This is usually a gold solitaire ring, as romantic tradition prescribes. The costs for a custom made engagement ring start from € 3000.