Our story

Making jewelry is in the Saddal family's blood. We have been passing on that love and knowledge for decades
from generation to generation. After completing vocational school and numerous internships at the major European companies
jewelry houses, Arnold Saddal also started his own Atelier Saddal 30 years ago, with the focus on exclusive, custom-made jewelry.


Born into a family of traditional goldsmiths, Arnold Saddal grew up in Amsterdam. From an early age he has been mesmerized by the beauty of special jewelry and gemstones. No wonder he decides to continue the family line as a diamond dealer. Arnold completed his master's degree in 1989 and worked for several years for the best-known diamond dealers and goldsmiths in Europe. In 1994 he founded Atelier Saddal, naturally in Amsterdam, the largest diamond city in the world with a diamond history of more than 400 years.

Geraldine Saddal

From the moment Geraldine meets Arnold, they are inseparable. While Arnold, as a goldsmith, is mainly concerned with sourcing, production and commercial matters, Geraldine has been the creative brain behind every design of Atelier Saddal for twenty years. With her expertise and impeccable taste in jewelry design, she always makes the wishes of the wearer of the jewelry come true.

YVes saddal

The eldest son of Arnold and Geraldine is the eldest member of the goldsmith family. Yves has obtained his master's degree and works as a goldsmith in the family business. In this way he learns the trade from his parents and continues the family line, like many generations before him. Yves is a young and ambitious professional who is now making a name for himself with his own jewelry brand Yves&Odile .

Leon Saddal

Leon, the youngest member of the Saddal family, completed his audiovisual training at the Media College in Amsterdam in 2023. He is very passionate about photographing and filming jewelry. He therefore did not hesitate to build the website of Atelier Saddal. He also works in the catering industry at Brasserie Van Dam in Amsterdam.


Michel is known as one of the best master goldsmiths around, respected nationally and internationally by his fellow goldsmiths. He trained in Istanbul and has been working at Atelier Saddal for more than 25 years. His craftsmanship and drive have been providing the most beautiful jewelry in our collection for years.

Do our part

Atelier Saddal consciously strives for a unique position not only in creating jewelry, but also in the way it works. Jewelry may be expensive, but never at the expense of the earth. That is why we work in principle exclusively with conflict-free diamonds that are purchased within a regulated trade, and we do not purchase precious metal that is not fully traceable. In this way, we constantly keep an eye on the human or environmental problems sometimes associated with mining. Our gold comes directly from the existing market, after which we process it through controlled processes
melted down into new gold. It goes without saying that Saddal certifies and signs every jewel as a unique Saddal.

Atelier Saddal is actively involved in Dance4Life , a department of the Foundation
Rutgers. Dance4life uses music and dance to offer sex education to young people.
By involving and inspiring them, Dance4life motivates young people to take action themselves
reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS worldwide.