In recent decades, humans have caused more and more activities that seriously threaten the earth. Exploitation of natural resources and ecosystems unfortunately often leads to major problems, which in many cases will persist for generations before they are resolved. When designing jewelry, Saddal has therefore consciously and in principle been working for years exclusively with 100% recycled and conflict-free platinum, gold and diamonds that have been purchased within a regulated trade from a fully traceable process. We constantly keep an eye on the human or environmental problems sometimes associated with mining. Naturally, Saddal certifies and signs every jewel as a unique Saddal. With this certificate we guarantee that the platinum, gold and diamonds have been purchased conflict-free and within a regulated trade and that they are produced 100% recycled according to a fully controlled process. Because jewelry may be expensive, but never at the expense of the earth.

Our gold

“At Atelier Saddal we are proud of our commitment to ethically sourced gold. All our gold is carefully recycled, contributing to sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact. Our commitment also extends to ensuring a supply chain that is free from any association with slavery. With each piece you can enjoy the beauty of our gold, knowing that it not only reflects exquisite craftsmanship, but also a conscious choice for a better world."

OUR diamonds

“Diamonds, once associated with conflict and injustice, now shine as symbols of freedom and ethical splendor. Our diamonds tell the story not only of stunning beauty, but also of a commitment to justice. With the promise of ethical mining and fair trade, shine these diamonds as free gemstones, free from the stigma of injustice. Discover the enchanting brilliance of gemstones that represent a new era of transparency and humanity."