Platinum is a beautiful precious metal with unique properties. For example, it only melts at 2,045 degrees Celsius and it is remarkably flexible, making it ideal for making jewelry. But above all, unlike gold or silver, platinum is very resistant to wear, discoloration and oxidation. This ensures that the brilliant shine is preserved and your jewelery is always in optimal condition. That is why Saddal likes to work with this beautiful precious metal.

The most important features at a glance:

.Platinum does not discolour or oxidize. It retains its natural ice white color forever and always brings out the sparkle of your diamonds perfectly.

.Platinum jewelry is 95% pure and does not affect (sensitive) skin.

.Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold. It melts at 2,045 degrees Celsius and is remarkably flexible. Ideal for making jewelry.

.Platinum is much more durable than other precious metals, such as gold. Due to the high density of platinum, there is virtually no wear of the setting and the ring. It is not without reason that all world-famous diamonds are set in platinum, such as the Star of Africa and the Hope Diamond.


Royal Precious Metal

'Platinum' was what the Spaniards called the metal they discovered in Colombia around 1740: 'little silver', disappointed that they had not mined real silver. They also didn't like the gray-white shine of this platinum - they considered it contamination. If the Spaniards had known that this unwanted 'small silver' was actually platinum, many times more valuable than silver, they would probably have been in shock.

Today, platinum is appreciated and is considered one of the most precious metals in the world. Platinum is created during the supernova explosion of very massive stars and can only be mined in limited areas on Earth, mainly in South Africa, the Urals, the Siberian Putorana Mountains, Colombia, Ontario and the western United States. The beautiful precious metal is almost twice as heavy as gold and due to its higher density it only melts at 2,045 degrees Celsius. No wonder platinum is sometimes more expensive than gold and is very popular among royal families!

In recent years, Saddal has specialized in working with this royal precious metal, combining the art of jewelry making with more than twenty years of craftsmanship. We proudly present you our 'Supernova Collection' - a dazzling explosion of top platinum jewels.